Environmentally Conscious Practices

Rebelle’s mandate is to manufacture our products while limiting environmental impact.

Wherever possible, we try to eliminate adding waste to our environment by recycling materials used in the manu­facturing process and recycl­ing office materials. We limit emissions to the airshed through the use of our powder coat paint process and, where possi­ble, by sourcing product compo­nents locally. Materials are sourced through local vendors to eliminate the need to transport materials over long distan­ces. Our fixtures use easily recyclable materials such as glass and alumi­num. Cartons use 59% recycled fiber.
The paint finish is highly sympa­thetic to the environment and does not contain any hazardous air pollutants, volatile orga­nic compounds or sol­vents. Our prod­ucts are designed to use the latest highly efficient lamps and LED’s. Many designs are cut off or full cut off to eliminate sources of unwarranted light pollution. Most of our luminaires use electronic ballasts for higher efficien­cies and reduced use of materials. Luminaire design and operational waste reduction both contribute to a conscious respect for the environment.