Our Product Focus

Rebelle’s luminaires have been designed to ease the coordination and specification of lighting by providing families of luminaires that flow from the exterior to the interior of a building project.

We offer multiple scales and mounting configurations of the same design theme to allow a specifier to easily coordinate lighting on a project. Our main focus has been to design luminaires for use in highly visible locations either within a building or the area adjacent to a building. A family of luminaires to complement the architecture of a project can be chosen and the multiple product types allow the look to be carried from the exterior to the interior spaces. The Product Specification Guide displays the product family concept as it is today. Within each family you will find a full range of products designed to suit every condition of a building, including, post, bollard, pendant, sconce, ceiling, recessed and wall mount luminaires. In each product family, both scale and application have been considered to ensure that the same look can be carried throughout a project. If you do not find what you need to suit your project requirements please consult the factory directly. We can usually offer custom modifications to our standard product to suit your specific needs.